Prof. Alexandros Terzis

Principal Investigator

Thermal sciences, fluid dynamics, and multiphase transport phenomena in complex media, on multiple scales, for sustainable energy conversion and propulsion systems.

Mario del Mastro

PhD student

Research focus: micro-scale transport phenomena in coupled free-flow/porous media systems, micro/nano-fabrication techniques.

Alexandros Peteinaris

PhD student

Research focus: mass, momentum, and energy transport in turbulent boundary layers above permeable surfaces, measurement techniques.

Priyanka Sinha

MSc student

Research focus: hypersonic leading edge cooling, thermal atomization, liquid sheet jets, experimental heat transfer, shadowgraphy.

Chakradhar Kakumani

MSc student

Research focus: multi-scale transport processes across free-flow and porous media interfaces, CFD, multi-physics modelling.

Michael Ushakov

Undergraduate student (Silon)

Research focus: capillary-driven flow in fibrous materials, wetting, interfacial phenomena, image processing, IR thermography.
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