Prof. Alexandros Terzis

Principal Investigator

Thermal sciences, fluid dynamics, and transport phenomena across scales, and in complex multiphase media, for energy conversion and propulsion systems.

Dr. Subhasisa Rath


Research interests: computational fluid dynamics (CFD), fluid flow and heat transfer, non-newtonian fluids, fluid-structure interactions

Mario del Mastro

PhD student

Research focus: micro-scale transport phenomena in coupled free-flow/porous media systems, micro/nano-fabrication techniques.

Alexandros Peteinaris

PhD student

Research focus: liquid sheet jet sprays, thermal atomisation, and enhanced boiling heat transfer for ultra-high heat flux applications.

Priyanka Sinha

MSc student

Research focus: hypersonic leading edge cooling, thermal atomization, liquid sheet jets, experimental heat transfer, shadowgraphy.

Chakradhar Kakumani

MSc student

Research focus: Convective heat transfer at the interface between free-flows and porous media, CFD, multi-physics modelling.

Eyal Dado

MSc student

Michael Ushakov

Undergraduate student (Silon)

Research focus: capillary-driven flow in fibrous materials, wetting, interfacial phenomena, image processing, IR thermography.
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