We are an experimental research group in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Our laboratory is located at the Technion Wind Tunnel Complex and operates under the direction of Prof. Alexandros Terzis.

Our research is multidisciplinary and spans a wide breadth of activities in the areas of thermo-fluids and interfaces. The focus is on understanding the related physics across scales and leveraging this knowledge to the development of advanced energy technologies and green aviation. Specific examples include ultra-efficient propulsion systems, thermal management, alternative water resources, and the exploitation of the physical regimes at small scales to obtain new functionalities.

To achieve this, we design and conduct experiments that reveal the fundamental dynamics of a vast array of interface-driven processes, in multiphase systems, and on different time and length scales. We develop and employ a variety of optical flow diagnostics and thermophysical measurement techniques, frequently coupled with state-of-the-art micro-fabrication methods.

Our research interests can be classified - with more or less large intersections - into the following areas:

  • Flow and transport in porous media.
  • Static and dynamic wettability.
  • Convective heat and mass transport.
  • Turbomachinery aero-thermodynamics.

Positions Available!

We are looking for motivated PhD and MSc students to join our team!
Interested candidates are welcome to contact directly Prof. Alexandros Terzis ([email protected]).